Kanda and Nicha play with their trimmed pussies

You’ll never find two hotter chicks to make crazy sex with each other than these two. Kanda and Nicha love to play with their trimmed pussies but not as much as when playing with each others parts like in today’s gallery. There’s truly something special about the way their pussies look getting poked, prodded by fingers and inspected by an equally hot female. It’s something only the images themselves could describe. Even the way they trimmed those pussies is something spectacular itself. The second the lips are parted under these invigorating pussy mounds there’s an instant release of pussy juices shimmering as the goo spreads out towards the edges of these tasty lips.

Kanda and Nicha play with their trimmed pussies

I guess I really should have been a lesbian.. well I am one but that’s only because I love licking pussy as much as the next guy but I have a dick. Useless to these hotties to say the least. They appear quite content with each other so lets not interrupt them :) Kanda and Nicha continue playing with their trimmed pussies until a dildo comes out and makes each of their wet gashes gets instantly much more wetter than before! A woman truly knows the best ways to please a woman so you can bet the excitement level is understandably risen with the very first touch on any single pussy lip!

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This is not the first time that Kanda & Nicha played together. They performed an amazing MFF Threesome Blowjob scene that was featured here not long ago.


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